About Ken Doyle

Ken Doyle is a top business coach and speaker in North America for Financial Advisors. His clients include UBS, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, RBC, Royal Alliance, and Smith Barney; 50% of his clients are self-made millionaires. His clients often refer to him as the business sensei.

Ken attributes his success to a close, one-on-one relationship with his clients who appreciate his sage advice, pointed-ness, and wit. A fresh voice of motivation in the mundane business world, Ken’s clients live “business by design” instead of by default. The straighter he gets the more they love him because of his commitment to their greatness. When he is in front of an audience he makes complex subjects easy to understand especially about applying leverage to an individuals business practice.

The foundation for Ken’s business success is attributed to The CHAMPION Path®, a guided process of producing word-of-mouth introductions developed by Getting Results Coaching (http://www.gettingresultscoaching.com).

Ken is also the author of The Journey: An Evolution of a Financial Advisor.

Ken’s background is as rich and diverse as his clients. By the age of 30, Ken was Vice President of Liberty Funds in Boston with a corner office and led his team to one billion in sales. Not long after reaching this career goal, he had an epiphany and discovered that what he truly loved to do was help others develop and grow their business. He resigned his high-salaried position, sold all of his belongings, and moved to California to develop a start-up company in the training and development field with Sarano Kelley, motivational speaker and renowned author of The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days. With the creation of The Center for Excellence, he took the shot at the dream and worked as Sarano’s protégé for two years. Unfortunately, not long after 9/11, the start-up failed leaving Ken homeless with over thirty thousand in business expenses on his credit cards and one hundred thousand in overall debt. This experience gave him the wisdom and education that he likes to call “the best MBA ever paid for without a diploma.”

Instead of going back into corporate America, he co-founded Getting Results Coaching in an 800 square foot apartment on the beach in San Diego with his partner and now wife, Lauren Eichner.  They have done well allowing them to be snowbirds. This spectacular growth is fueled by the principles from which Ken coaches. He is living proof that being of service to others pays off in extraordinary ways.

Ken Doyle is also a martial arts expert who has taught executives how to defend themselves with such items as a credit card, pen, and cell phone, as well as teach women how to use common items in their purse as effective self-defense weapons. He often shares the story that if he didn’t have the foundation of his martial art he would not have survived the collapse of The Center for Excellence.

Ken is happily married, has three dogs, boats, sails, kayaks, and continues to hone himself in his free time. He was born in New Jersey and currently shares his time between his main residence in Michigan and his residence in Sarasota, Florida.


2 Responses to About Ken Doyle

  1. Ken,

    It was great to present with you at the Boston Investors Capital meeting on May 5th. I enjoyed your talk and will never get the image of you in a helmet out of my head!

    Wealth Pscychology Expert, Writer and Coach
    KBK Wealth Connection

  2. Ken Doyle says:

    Thanks Kathleen! I get some strange looks when I wear the helmet on airplanes. Focused attention produces focused results. Be wonderful and look forward to presenting with you again in the future.

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