I had a couple of coaches comment to me about Peyton Manning’s tearful departure from the Colts. They didn’t like all his crying.

When they said this I was a bit surprised. I thought to myself “why wouldn’t he cry?”

12 hours later their comments still bother me. Well, not their comments so much as the fact that they have such a different opinion than I.

Why do they feel that Peyton shouldn’t have cried?

I don’t know.  I can’t speak for them.

But I can tell you why I understand Peyton’s tears.

He was invested; completely invested. He literally gave his organization everything he had. Not just sweat, but thoughts. He gave his mind. He thought football 24/7 and not just when he was at work.  He gave everything and achieved his dreams as a result.

I think people have a tough time understanding that type of investment.  Some…

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