What are you committed too? And are you listening to those who can help you fulfill upon your commitment?


“I learn teaching from teachers. I learn golf from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.” -Harvey Penick

One of the unique aspects of being a coach is that even though you are months away from your season you start thinking about a situation that will present itself and you think about a point you will want to make and you think about the players who won’t be paying attention and you think about how you’re going to snap them to attention and…..

Pay attention and learn all you can when someone talks about winning. You could maybe care less at the moment, but someday it will matter. Someday you are going to need a win.  You are going to have to win a game to get in the playoffs. Win a practice drill to beat someone out for the starting spot. Win someone’s heart lest you suffer your own broken. …

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