Where shall your name be etched?


“Carve your name on hearts, not marble”-Charles Haddon Spurgeon

At the school where I teach, in the boys pool locker room, there are names carved in pen on the custodian’s closet door.  These are the names of a few students who have been on the boys swim team and the years they were on the team.

Outside that locker room, near the entrance to the pool, there is a record board.  It contains the names of those boys who hold the records for our school  in the various swimming events.

I cannot help but to compare and contrast the names placed on the record board with the names carved into the custodian’s closet door.

In both instances, the people whose names appear had a desire to be remembered.

That ends the comparisons.

The contrast is more telling.

The names on the record board were earned.  They represent endless days…

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